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February 15, 2020

I wasn’t sure what to title this, or where to start all I knew was a needed to write.

I’m sitting in my office with one day left of my 3 week holiday from work and I realise I don’t want to go back. I don’t mean the usual holiday blues, oh no not work type I don’t want to go back I mean I want my own successful business I’m sick of working for someone else where is my life taking me kind of I don’t want to go back.

I’ve finally kicked one of my goals in life, to visit a country other than Australia, and now I’m thinking of all the other goals I haven’t achieved that the younger me thought I would have at 25, I’m not working in my dream job, living in my dream home, driving my dream car, I don’t have any kids of my own and I’m less than two months away from 26.

I’m still young, I still have many years to achieve all those things but I don’t see any of them happening on my current path. I’m impatient, I’m unfocused, unmotivated and my healths at an all time low. Where do I go from here? there’s only one answer, UP.

I have a paid blog/ website I haven’t been using, a home I need to finish renovating, a craft business I haven’t been looking after, my own health I need to focus on, dreams as big as the stars I want to make come true and a jumbled mess of ideas I could use to make it all happen and only one reason I haven’t done any of them, laziness.

I cant put it down to anything else, its a vicious cycle I need to end. I go to work and come home tired so I don’t make tea and we end up eating, in all honesty, junk. So my diet doesn’t fuel me and therefore my body has even less energy, I cause myself health issues and my immune system goes down I get sick and so on and so on.

I know I need to push past it and I think I’m finally at breaking point. I either push myself to succeed now or I continue to fail. I’m not miserable or depressed but I’m certainly not overjoyed with my life or my lifestyle right now. I’m sick of living pay check by pay check and not achieving anything,

People always say you can do anything you put your mind to and its time I truely put my mind to it. To push myself to achieve to finish the projects I started and to finally really honestly enjoy my life and to live it the way I want to.

It wont happen overnight but it will start today.

Today I set my goals
Today I start a plan
Today I put it in motion
Today I start working towards my dreams
Today I start to REALLY live my life.


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