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How to make a wet felted scarf

July 12, 2017

Today I’m going to tell you how to make your own wet felted scarf. Heres what you will need to get started:

-3 old towels
– 1 litre Jug
-Dish washing liquid
-500 grams of wool roving s in your preferred colour/colours
-2 lengths of bubble wrap about 1.5 metres long
-A 60cm length of 30mm conduit
– 3 30cm lengths of old stockings cut up
-Hot water

1. Lay 1 towel down on the bench you’ll be using and one on the floor under neath you, now lay down your first piece of bubble wrap, smooth side facing up.

2. start pulling tuffs off the end of your wool roving and laying them down onto the bubble wrap as shown below:
Keep placing until you reach the other end of the bubble wrap, leave about 5cms on each end and the same for the sides of the bubble wrap.








3. now repeat the process going in the opposite direction as shown here:
Repeat this step once more going the original way, this is to reduce the chance of holes in your scarf.





4. Go along the edges of the scarf and place more tuffs of rovings like this:
This step is optional but I like the frill it gives the edge of the scarf.
I often do the middle in white or cream and then put a colour on the outside frill, however I’m out of plain white or cream so I chose I tie dyed type roving instead.




5. Now squeeze some dish liquid over the top of your roving like this:
NOTE: Do not smother it in liquid too much will stop the fibres from closing together and felting.





6. Now fill your jug up with hot water and pour it over the scarf like this:

NOTE: As above not too much water, we don’t want our wool swimming, if you don’t put enough water on at first you can add more after the next step.





7. Grab your second layer of bubble wrap, smooth side down lay it over the top of your scarf and pres down and smooth out the water with your hands so that it goes all over the rovings like below:

lift the bubble wrap up to ensure the entirety of the scarf is damp.




8. now place the conduit at one end of the scarf and roll up the bubble wrap like below and then tie it up with the stockings.




9. now also roll this up with the third towel:

10. Roll this back and forth 100 times, unroll the sausage and flip the scarf over, them repeat another hundred times.

11. Now you can unroll again and do what I call the pinch test:

Pinch the scarf and if the fibres stay together you are ready for the next step, if not roll it back up and repeat step 10.





12. Now this may sound a little crazy but I want you to take the top layer of bubble wrap off, scrunch your scarf up into a ball, or in my case more of a sausge,
and I want you to pick it up and throw it hard onto your bench over and over again. This will help the fibres close fully.

13. Now un fold it back out pull and stretch the scarf back out, you will notice it will start to shrink a little at this stage, then repeat step 12 again.

14. Rinse out some of the soap will cold water in a sink, then wet it again with warm water, the change in temperature will also shock the fibres into closing.

15. Rub the scarf over the bumpy sides of the sink:
Turn it over and repeat.




16. Now you can rinse out your new scarf and let it dry.

This was my finished scarf

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